What People Are Saying...

“Jeff [Smith] recently took it upon himself to organize an extended role play exercise for the new negotiators on the Crisis Negotiations Team. This included choosing a topic for the incident, arranging for intelligence to be disseminated to the negotiators as the incident evolved, and coaching the role player to guide the incident in a pre-determined direction. Jeff has demonstrated his proficiency in organizing training programs in the past and has once again provided a realistic and valuable training day for our new CNT members."
Frank W.
CNT Commander
"This has probably been the best Narcotics class I've been to. I was thoroughly impressed with the Instructor and his knowledge."
Class Participant & TNOA Member
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“Jeff Smith brings many years of experience from covert drug operations and supervision to this shift. This knowledge and experience was an incredibly valuable asset to our shift this deployment. Jeff was always certain to pass along his twenty plus years of specialized experience. The shift gained an incredible amount of training, knowledge and experience from Sgt. Smith during this deployment. [Jeff] possesses a strong passion for police work and always demonstrates great professionalism and pride in all that he does. [He] has acquired a body of training, knowledge and experience that would be hard to match."
Dennis E.
Police Lieutenant
"Smitty is a top notch Instructor. He takes pride in everything that he teaches. I highly recommend Blackbird for any training that Smitty teaches."
Rick Cook
Chief of Police
"Jeff Smith’s knowledge of narcotics, tactics, training principles, and dedication to excellence have continued to make him an invaluable partner in the field of drug law enforcement. His methods and operations have been proven to be adaptive to ever changing threats and conditions. Jeff’s expertise and leadership abilities are well designed to lead agencies’ practices well through the 21st century."
John Archer
Resident Agent in Charge / Federal LEO
"I would recommend this class for anyone who is in the business of investigations and street crimes."
Class Participant
Physical Surveillance Operations