The Case

Class Dates Coming Soon!

Course Fee:  $595

Blackbird’s Course “The Case” is a class designed for all types of investigators assigned to specialty units such as drug units, gang units, street crimes, gun squads, and any other special investigations unit that works criminal cases from inception to arrest.

This course is comprised mostly of practical exercise that involves the use of informants, investigation, intelligence gathering, physical surveillance, undercover buys of drugs, weapons and stolen property, search warrant applications, arrest warrant applications, operational planning, GPS installations, vehicle involved arrests, open air arrests, search warrant execution, post arrest investigation and post arrest search warrant preparation.

The classroom portion will total approximately 10 hours with the remaining hours working “The Case.” This class is designed to have the student officers work an entire case from start to finish with a realistic operational tempo.

This allows the Blackbird Instructors to give expert opinion on the student’s team performance and allows the students to critique themselves as a team.

Working “The Case” allows the attendees to experience the tactics of the instructors and the students to broaden their operational capabilities so that everyone can return to their units with new tools to work with. Blackbird Training firmly believes in more practical scenario training and less time sitting in the classroom. We believe in learning by doing!

Topics Covered:

  • Debriefing of high maintenance informants
  • Use of high maintenance informants
  • Surveillance
  • GPS Warrant applications and installations
  • Controlled buy of evidence
  • Undercover buy of evidence
  • Search Warrant and Arrest Warrant Applications
  • Arrests of suspects and search warrant execution
  • Post arrest investigation(s)

Audience: Drug Enforcement and other specialty unit officers, supervisors and team leaders that regularly participate in enforcement operations. This class is restricted to Sworn Law Enforcement officers and active members of the United States Military.