Tactical Patrol: The Uniformed Operator

Course Fee:  $249

Blackbird’s Tactical Patrol class will bring you to the “next level” when it comes to your officer safety skills. You will be the “Uniformed Operator” when you leave this class. It is 100% geared toward enhancing your physical safety!

Topics Include:

–       Embracing The Process

–       Plan to Succeed

–       Preparation and the “Details”

–       How Operational Planning applies to Patrol work

–       Understanding the Science behind your craft

–       The “Drop Down Menu” in your brain

–       Operating from a Position of Dominance

–       “Talk and Hawk”

–       Terry and Handcuffing

–       The Passenger Side Approach and Beyond

–       Vehicles and Bullets

–       The phenomena of officers getting dragged, why it happens and how to prevent it from happening to you

–       Pursuit “Prevention”

–       High Risk Stops

–       Theory of Physical Dysfunction vs. Pain Compliance

–       Handcuffing and Searching

–       Active Killer

Audience:  This 16 hour block is designed for patrol officers and supervisors at all experience levels. Being a uniformed street cop is the absolute most dangerous job in police work. Let Blackbird’s instructors take you to the next level of operational readiness for the most dangerous job out there!