Course Fee:  $495

The Takedown

Blackbird’s Course “The Takedown” is a class designed for cops and supervisors who regularly participate in arrests and apprehensions at the culmination of drug, fugitive, and other criminal investigations that involve pre-planned arrest operations.

Blackbird instructors will cover everything from operational planning, equipment, personnel selection, and execution of The Takedown. This course includes the bulk of the content of Blackbird’s course “Vehicle Involved Arrests”. For those interested specifically in a class that focuses on vehicle takedowns, please look at our link to the Vehicle Involved Arrests course.

This is a 5-day 40 hour course.

There will be class portions of this class totaling 12-15 hours and the remaining hours will be spent on practical exercise, instruction, walk throughs and training speed execution.   

Topics Include:

      • Operational Debriefs
      • Operational Planning
      • Equipment and tool selection
      • Vehicle selection
      • Personnel selection
      • Pre-Planned arrests
      • Pre-Planned Buy Bust Ops
      • Cold Buy Bust Ops
      • Rolling Buy Bust Operations
      • Pedestrian Area Buy Bust Operations
      • Tactical Communication
      • Specialty Unit training hours and suggestions
      • Documentation of Specialty Unit training

Audience: Drug Enforcement and other specialty unit officers, supervisors and team leaders that regularly participate in enforcement operations. This class is restricted to Sworn Law Enforcement officers and active members of the United States Military.