4 Day In-Person Class Course Fee:  $499

OnDemand Video Course Fee:  $100


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“The practical exercises were set up in a very realistic way, that challenged me, but allowed me to learn.”
“I thank you and you were an awesome instructor. I recommended this training to our department training coordinator for future classes.”
“Jeff is clearly very knowledgeable and a good presenter. I have recommended to my supervisor to send additional guys to this training.”
“Smitty is a wealth of knowledge and he loves and is enthusiastic about police work, which makes the training even more engaging.”
“This is one of the best courses I have attended.”
“I would recommend this class for anyone who is in the business of investigations and street crimes.”

Blackbird’s “Physical Surveillance Operations” class is designed for criminal investigative personnel assigned to duties that require surveillance.

This class is for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced and supervisory personnel to learn or hone their skills in the craft of covert observation.

Physical Surveillance Operations will focus heavily on the team aspect of the surveillance operation from goal-oriented planning of the ops to the actual surveillance to the post operation documentation and reporting.

Blackbird instructors will cover platform surveillance, stationary and mobile vehicle surveillance, foot surveillance and the use of modern technologies to supplement the physical surveillance.

Students that attend this class will benefit from Blackbird’s “learn while we work” philosophy.

Each surveillance practical scenario will be debriefed and critiqued by the instructors and the class members.

Topics Include:

  • The Process of Professionalism
  • Personnel Selection
  • Operational Planning
  • The Team and Their Gear
  • Dressing for Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Vehicles
  • Team Assignments
  • Terminology
  • Physical Surveillance Tactics
  • Safety Measures
  • Use of Technology to Assist Physical Surveillance
  • Team Leaders / Supervisor roles
  • Documentation of Surveillance
  • Urban Hides
  • How OODA / Boyd’s Loop applies to Surveillance

The LIVE In-Person version of this class is a 4 day / 32-hour course.  Day One will be spent in the classroom.

The remaining three days will have approximately one hour of class time (scenario briefings) followed by full days of surveillance operations scenarios.

There will be night time scenario operations in this class.

The ON-DEMAND VIDEO version of this class is the full classroom portion of the 4-day class. Approximately 6 ½ hours of uninterrupted content.

Audience:  Criminal investigators and other specialty unit officers, supervisors and team leaders that regularly participate in enforcement operations.

This class is restricted to Sworn Law Enforcement officers and active members of the United States Military.