3 Day In-Person Class Course Fee:  $399

OnDemand Video Course Fee:  $100


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Blackbird’s course “Buyin’ Dope: Safety Considerations for Short Term Undercover Operations” is designed for law enforcement officers and supervisors that work in undercover capacities buying illegal drugs, guns, stolen property, and other contraband.

Blackbird instructors are veterans of thousands of undercover operations and this class will focus solely on the actual task of the undercover buy.

We will focus on the operational details of the undercover buy that could be the difference between successful operations and critical incidents for the undercover and the supporting team.

We will conduct real world operational debriefs of undercover cases.

As with all Blackbird courses, the emphasis of the classroom will prepare the attendees for the real-world style practical scenarios incorporated in this class.

Topics Include:

  • The Process of Professionalism
  • Choosing your team
  • Your team’s gear
  • Vehicles
  • Desk Recon and Patterning your target
  • Safety Considerations and Operational Security with Informants
  • Operational Planning
  • Money Management
  • Individual assignments and responsibilities for:
    • Supervisors and Team Leaders
    • The UC
    • The Surveillance Team
    • The Rescue / Arrest Team
    • Data
  • Safety Considerations for Buy / Bust Operations
  • Follow Up Buys
  • Preventing “The Rip”
  • Small Unit Leadership
  • Practical scenarios
  • Specialty Unit training hours and suggestions
  • Documentation of Specialty Unit training

The live in-person “Buyin’ Dope” class will consist of approximately one day of classroom training and 2 days of live-real world practical scenarios.

Blackbird’s Video On-Demand version of “Buyin’ Dope” contains over 7 ½ hours of uninterrupted content and is the entire classroom portion of the full 3-day class.

Audience:  Drug Enforcement and other specialty unit officers, supervisors and team leaders that regularly participate in undercover operations. This class is restricted to Sworn Law Enforcement officers and active duty members of the United States Military that participate in these types of operations.