About Blackbird Training

Blackbird Training LLC was founded in January 2019. We are headquartered in Ocean City, Maryland on the seashore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our goal is to provide advanced dynamic, relevant and thought-provoking training for law enforcement specialty units. We deliver classes such as:

 The staff at Blackbird Training want you to go back to your unit with your “gears turning,” new tools for your operations and a renewed confidence in your operational capability. 

Blackbird’s Owner and Chief Instructor Jeff Smith (Smitty) has 28 years of law enforcement experience with the majority of that time spent in specialty units such as:

      • Narcotics
      • Special Enforcement
      • SWAT
      • Crisis Negotiations
      • Defensive Tactics




Jeff has over two decades of a deeply committed, daily dedication to training and enhancing the productivity and safety of fellow law enforcement officers.

Jeff has been teaching police topics for his agency in Maryland for over 22 years and has trained 1000’s of students in Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, Drug Enforcement Operations, and numerous other topics.

All Blackbird Instructors are experts in their field and are active law enforcement officers. Blackbird only hires real cops with real experience and talent to teach cops! We leave our egos at the door and work hard to better the profession we have all been called to.

Our classes are energetic and you will not be subjected to “death by Power Point” or endless days of war stories. We live by the motto “Less talk and more do!” We incorporate as much physical participation and as many practical scenarios as possible in our classes.

Ocean City is a premier tourist destination for the Mid-Atlantic region and an amazing place to attend our home-based training seminars. During the off-season the area provides all types of urban and rural settings for a multitude of training environments.

Blackbird can also export training to your agency.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at info@blackbirdtraining.com. Drop us a line and let’s get to work!